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As employees increasingly work from home, they must be able to access their company data regardless of location. A virtual data center can aid. By using infrastructure-as-a-service, a cloud service provider provides you with the ability to deploy scalable virtual servers, storage and more designed for enterprise workloads. This solution will help you save money because it lets you use a consumption model, which means you only pay for the processing and hardware that you require.

The traditional physical data centers require significant upfront and ongoing investments to construct, manage, and maintain them. Cloud-based virtualization, on the other hand, can cut the costs of managing and maintaining these centers dramatically. This allows a company to be established quickly.

A virtual data center gives greater flexibility in protecting critical data over hardware that is located on-site. In the event of a disaster or outage, your data can be moved to another server in just a few minutes. This can help your company minimize the impact on employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Stratus Innovations Group will help you establish a virtual datacenter for your business. We accomplish this by creating an adaptable architecture that makes the most of Azure’s capabilities and resources. We’ll design a security strategy that will define access for the various groups who need to utilize your data center including IT/Support, Engineering, and Legal. This will ensure that only the right applications are used within an environment that is virtual, and protect against hackers stealing vital information.

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