When it comes time to select the best virtual data space for your requirements, it’s essential to understand how pricing models are created. The cost you pay will be affected by a number of factors which include the features and additional services you’ve added to your plan. The price of the VDR will also be influenced by your organization’s size and the complexity of the document flow.

Some providers rely on a per-page structure which includes a fixed number pages included in the monthly cost and additional charges for documents. Some providers offer a flat-fee model that provides unlimited users and pages at an annual fixed cost. This model is perfect for projects that don’t change much over time. It is also a way to avoid paying excessive overage charges.

Some providers also utilize a subscription-based billing model, which is similar to other cloud-based services. This allows you to look at apples versus oranges (or duck a l’orange) and select the appropriate package for your project. This kind of VDR price is especially useful for projects with a defined number of participants from the beginning. It is able to be scaled up to meet the requirements of your project as it grows.

Some companies have a brand name that has earned them a solid reputation in the marketplace. This does not necessarily mean that they are the most reliable, but it could be worth the extra cost for a provider that is easy to work with and has a proven track record in the industry.

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