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OK fine, it’s a topless photo. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Hopefully all to you delight in Anastasia’s Haircut up to we liked filming they!

Holly’s Headshave is NOW SHOWING on the subscription site. Also on this video is Curly’s Surprise CREWCUT Haircut by Jack, with cameo appearances by Sugar Pie and Little Bulldog. A good time was had by all!!

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Hopefully you-all delight in Anastasia’s Haircut doing we preferred filming they!

ANASTASIA https://datingmentor.org/nl/nobody-overzicht/ is fixin’ to cut her hair off- all the way!! Here’s the rest of the story of Anastasia’s haircut, along with pictures:

We hope all of you appreciate Anastasia’s Haircut up to we appreciated shooting they!

CHICAGO- It was the hottest day of the year- July 4th. Anastasia surprised us, asking for the ULTIMATE HAIRCUT, a SMOOTH SHAVED HEAD!! HOLY SHNYKEES!! Anastasia’s Haircut Video DVD 461 is now showing on the sub site.

It actually was currently 4 p.meters. whenever Anastasia titled me personally and told you she desired to been « proper more » having a great haircut. « Okay, » I said, and you may started obtaining the studio ready.

And work out a lengthy facts quick, Anastasia turned up Half a dozen Circumstances Later some Following the huge finale off this new fireworks screen.

We hope all of you appreciate Anastasia’s Haircut as much as we appreciated filming they!

You all know I have no problem working all night, and after all the apologies, I assured Anastasia it wasn’t a problem, and at midnight Anastasia emerged as an early candidate for Miss Bald USA. At a minimum, she should win Miss Wisconsin and Miss Congeniality, but probably not Miss Punctuality.

We spent some time working all night, and you can printed the initial Kind of Anastasia’s Headshave Films before-going to bed at 5 a beneficial.meters.

Hopefully you-all appreciate Anastasia’s Haircut up to we preferred filming it!

Is Anastasia the BEST BALD CHICK EVER? She’s got my vote, and I’m guessing she will win a lot of votes from our community!!

The girl profile is Miss The united states Perfect, and very quickly she’ll end up being hairless in order to silky-smooth brilliance!! A good Deity Certainly one of Girls!! Exactly what an approach to celebrate brand new Fourth of july!!

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Hopefully all of you take pleasure in Anastasia’s Haircut around we appreciated shooting it!

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TALIA’S HEADSHAVE, done-by Hayley, is amongst the Most readily useful Actually ever HAIRCUTS, and will doubtless become watched from the Locks Followers for a long time to come.

HAYLEY’S Second SHAVE, done-by Maureen and you will Talia, is additionally today demonstrating towards sandwich site. Talia shows off the girl increasing experiences that have clippers the following day, as questionable on the high-speed clippers. Maureen plus possess offering Hayley their haircut- in fact « An enjoyable experience Is actually Had Because of the Every. »

Sure, all of the step three females are actually members of the Twice Shaved Pub, an extremely personal bar having Hairless And delightful Ladies!!

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Whenever you are the brand new spouse from a tresses Fan, please consider inquiring your own husband, « Would you like to slash my hair?

NOW SHOWING ON THE SUB- Zayna is 25 years old and wants to shave her head. Zayna has NEVER HAD SHORT HAIR, and today she’s going ALL THE WAY TO SHAVED SMOOTH!! Zayna’s Haircut Video is a MUST SEE on a sub site full of MUST SEE videos.

We hope all to you enjoy Anastasia’s Haircut around i appreciated filming it!


Hopefully everyone see Anastasia’s Haircut to i liked filming it!

We hope you all delight in Anastasia’s Haircut as much as we enjoyed filming they!

Develop all to you see Anastasia’s Haircut around we preferred shooting they!

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