Famous Personalities on Legal Matters

Kim Kardashian Mrs. June

Is Kim Kardashian still studying law?

Hi Kim, have you completed your legal studies? I’m curious to know if you are still pursuing a law degree while managing your other professional commitments.

Mrs. June Legal

Hello Mrs. June, I’ve heard about your expertise in legal matters. Can you provide me with some legal advice and representation for an ongoing case related to property law?

Windfall profits tax on oil and gas

Kim, what are your thoughts on the windfall profits tax on oil and gas? Do you think it’s a fair policy, or does it have adverse effects on the industry?

Adverse possession case law in India

Mrs. June, I’m dealing with a complicated adverse possession case in India. Can you provide me with some key legal insights on how to approach this matter?

Free printable separation agreement Ontario

Kim, I’ve been looking for a free printable separation agreement template for Ontario. Do you have any recommendations on where I can find one?

Contract labour license fees in Maharashtra

Mrs. June, I need information on the requirements and guidelines for obtaining a contract labour license in Maharashtra. Can you assist me with this?

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