Yo, listen up I got the scoop
On legal jargon that’s really not so cute
From EBA validation rules to Bryan A. Garner
Legal writing in plain English, let’s not be disheartened
Understanding these legal business requirements
Types and regulations, gotta stay in alignment
Dubai International Arbitration Centre rules
Legal expertise, no time for fools
And what about family laws in California
Understanding rights and responsibilities, no hysteria
Commercial property lease agreement in NSW
Everything you need to know, no time for rest, yes, it’s true
Then there’s TBS collective agreement CS
Key points and updates, legal harmony
And what about legal seafood in Ann Arbor
Fresh seafood and legal services without any squalor
And is it legal to carry pepper spray in Illinois
Laws and regulations, no time for chill
Understanding the contra proferentem rule in Canada
Identifying what’s fair, no room for blunder
So there you have it, legal jargon unlocked
From validation rules to seafood, ain’t no hunk

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